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Privacy Policy Agreement

[Privacy Policy] 1million dance studio is getting agreement about using and collecting your personal information in accordance with Article 15.

We will only use the information in the way that the person who provide the privacy has agreed. If you disagree in using, you could request view, correct and delete to personal information manager.

*Provided privacy will be used in limited scope as follow.

Purpose of collection and use

[Privacy collection]
Name, email, phone number

[Use of privacy]
- To reply the question about 1million dance studio
- Use for asking member registration information

Right to refuse, Benefits of denying consent

- You can refuse agreement of Privacy Policy but if you refuse, you could get disadvantage.


1MILLION Dance Studio’s refund policy is based on Article 18, Paragraph 2,
Item 3 of the ‘Enforcement Decree Of The Act On The Establishment And Operation Of
Private Teaching Institutes And Extracurricular Lessons,’
which was amended on January 25, 2016, and the grounds for return is for one month of lesson(s) or less.
Effective for all coupon purchases from the date of June 1st, 2017.

* You may choose the preferred date of your lesson and can apply for a refund any time before the start date. 

* You may apply for a refund based on the following rules.

* Once you purchase a ticket, you can not change it with other coupons.

- Within 10 days after start date (between 1-10 days)
2/3 of the remaining refund amount

- Within 15 days after start date (between 11-15 days)
50 percent of the remaining refund amount

- More than 15 days from the start (after 16 days has passed from the start date)

Ex) If you have purchased 4 lessons and have taken two, and you have applied for a refund within 10 days
120,000 KRW / 4 = 30,000 KRW (price of 1 lesson)
120,000 KRW – 60,000 KRW = 60,000 KRW
60,000 KRW * 2/3 = 40,000 KRW refund

(If you have purchased the unlimited pass, each lesson is calculated at \35,000 each)